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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section where I cover some of the most common queries relating to your newborn session.


When is the best time to book my newborn photoshoot?

I advise booking from your 20 week scan onwards. I recommend booking whilst you are still pregnant as I can only book in a limited number of photoshoots each month although if your baby has already been born please do get in touch to check availability.

Your newborn photoshoot is secured with a £50 non refundable deposit which is then deducted off the overall cost of your photoshoot. I then pencil in your due date. Please contact me asap once your baby has been born and we will confirm the date the session will take place. The remaining payment is due no later than the day of the photoshoot.


What age are the newborns you photograph?

I photograph newborns up to around 4 weeks old. I normally aim to photograph your newborn when they are between 1 – 2 weeks old. This is when the sleepy curled up poses are most easily achieved.


What are your prices?

Please make sure you have looked at my pricing page before booking, all details can be found here.


Does it cost more for twins?

I do not charge extra for a twin photoshoot.


What can I expect at the session?

The photoshoot takes place at my home photography studio. For a full newborn photoshoot an average session takes 2 – 3 hours. This includes plenty of time for feeding and settling your baby in between photographs.

I take a mixture of photographs using a large beanbag to pose your baby on, and also props such as baskets. It is likely your baby will require feeding / nappy change etc at some point and this is done as and when required.

My style is to capture your baby’s delicate features, which is more easily achieved if they are not wearing normal clothes although if you prefer to leave their nappy on that is fine. I have a selection of outfits, wraps and blankets to wrap baby up in. Please don’t worry about your baby having an accident if they are not wearing a nappy as this is a normal occurrence and I will just clean up and continue!

Alternatively the wrapped newborn mini photoshoot is a shorter 1 hour session with wrapped poses only of your baby.

The studio seats 2 adults with newborn and up to 2 siblings, please advise me of the number of people when booking.

The studio and props are fully sanitised between photoshoots.


Can siblings be included in the photographs?

Yes, siblings together can produce adorable photographs and I am happy to photograph siblings with their new brother or sister when you book a full newborn photoshoot. Please let me know in advance if you would like siblings included.

Whilst I will always do my best to capture sibling photographs, please keep in mind that the nature of young children means they are not always willing to participate and photographs are subject to them being happy to take part.

I advise bringing siblings that are young to be photographed with the baby at the start of a newborn photoshoot and arranging for a relative, friend or one parent to take them away afterwards whilst we continue with the newborn photographs. Due to the length of a newborn session young children do not usually want to sit through it, and also for health and safety reasons being around the studio equipment.

I am happy to include some family photographs as part of your photoshoot.


Can I include personal items in the photographs?

If you have a special keepsake such as a blanket or teddy please let me know at the start and I will be happy to include these in the photographs.


Do I need to provide anything?

I provide everything that is needed for the photographs including a selection of blankets and props. Please bring spare nappies, bottles and formula if you are bottle feeding.


When will the photographs be ready?

To allow time for the editing of the photographs they will normally be ready approximately 2 weeks after your photoshoot.


Can I make my own prints from the digital image files?

Yes you can. The digital image files are high resolution and come with printing rights meaning you can make as many prints as you like for personal use.


What happens if my baby is unsettled during the photoshoot?

Whilst every attempt will be made to capture beautiful photographs of your newborn, babies are naturally unpredictable. Occasionally a baby is too unsettled to achieve the desired number of images. If this happens then wherever possible I will offer you a second photoshoot at no extra cost for another day, or refund / discounts may apply.


Can you provide a newborn photoshoot at my home?

Having spent 7 years as a mobile photographer doing photoshoots in people’s homes and now that I have my studio I have taken the decision to be solely studio based so I do not offer this service. This is due to the extra work and time required to pack up and set up my equipment for this type of photography, and the potential limitations of the available light and space which can impact the quality of the final photographs.

The studio is very baby friendly, with changing mat, spare nappies etc.


A Note on Safety: 

Some photographs are created using a composite image, this is where 2 separate images are taken and merged together in photoshop to remove the supporting hand, or one image is edited in photoshop to do the same.



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